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3. 5. 2022

Learn to compose psychedelic music


So, you know I started with big dream how i will learn compose Psytrance… and I have to say it is a individual proces.
Sometimes im learning from youtube sometimes from payed content and sometimes in the bar or on party when i talking about music …
The most shifting times are when you are with friends and talking about composing, than i realised i remembered most true sentensis like : ” its about to synthetise the details, its about understanding .”

Its about story telling.. the music have to grow/envolve/move some where mostly the sounds have to move or be somehow diferent weird, unature with nature context.

And specialy in music which is composed electronicaly in DAW its about movement and details..
You have to play a lot with Velocity at drum sections because live drumer nver play exactly same note same louder …
you have to think be the creator because you really are.. the creator.
Also if you have been on psychedelics , you know, its like ” big picture around you which you dint pay a lot attention but infron of you are details which you are focused on ..but in the end its whole..”

Also what is very important its not to be glued on have the perfect song finished..
Only way how to improve its compose and compose and compose ..but when your ego start talking to you ” nah man , its sounds shit you will be never good and you need to finish this to be good” its bullshit..
because mostly my sould starting to telling me ” nah dont listen this , you made some progres and good parts you know that” than its up to you what you will choos to listen..
but everything its a process, the life its process.. composing music its a procces and playing somewhere for someona its a procces and this all givving to you and experience which will start changing you ..

Also what i find out from druming and from my starting composing is :
you can have the best HW or drums but you need good tacher because you can play on shit HW amazingly.
Everything what is free cost you a time and quality.. not everything but payed content is much more “lets go” than looking for hours on youtube and didnt know what to looking for..
And thats why i started write this article because i have a ton of youtube tutorials and i had to find them out by myslef.
How i told everything is a process and what should happend it will hapend can only start the direction but not expect specificaly where you will end..because this is life ..unpredigtabe life and nothing is stable, but ony which pure heart you will go throug thise procedure named of life experience.

Here are some links which i would like to share with you and help you to start much more easier 🙂 .

* Dash Glitch – for me for inspiration and knowledge, i think the biggest psy youtuber
* Kalamour VJ – underground gold.
E-clip – mostly the best is teory and knowledge
Futurephonic Education – knowledge, but i dont know much…
Dadda – I know him because his amazing wave tables for synths but also good tuts, very active on Discord
Collective Intelligence – also good tuts but i dont watching him much.
Ollie Music – He has potencional but not enough good content for me but buy his presets for shure !
* DATABROTH – Amazing guy, his goal is to be the biggest soundesigner, this is where to go and learn
* Mute Production – Amazing dark psy tutorials mostly , Gold of underground.
Antandra – sometimes some tutorials
Klaada – Crazy balkan guy which anoying me in good way but i canot listen him for long time but Amazing tutorials …
Braincell – Amazing artist, tuts for ableton abut lately for bitwig the most
JediMasterStudio – gold from Poland, Goa.
Sami Rabia – not about psytrance but good inspiration for sound design
iCon / Psylocybien – i found him and bough his first tutorial lessons which are not able to on internet anymore but i got them :-ú
Psychaotic – also lot of inspiration in dark music
* Ihor – I discovered this guys in this year 2022 and i have to say he is making fantastic job with explanation about modulars. You can actualy follow him and make things in VStis.. Amazing, try his patreon.

Sadowick – i grow up in ableton with this guy, he has my place in my past.
Ableton – also lot of inspiration and news
Tom Cosm – He will blow up your mind
Mr. Bill – he breaking rules in composing music ..

PayedTuts but very worthy.
Zenon – expensive but you will know mostly everything.. lot of ton learning houres
AlienChaos – The Hitech tutorial master. you will get it and after you will love hi tech …
Tristan – i dont know but he is from biggest “star” who making music in ableton.

Please Check most of the artist. They have own Patreons mostly.
it is for sure worthy to follow them but if I can recomand from my experience, the best for Psy music and files is DashGlitch on Patreon, and to buy AlienChaos lessons

FACTmagazine – I like them for their agains the clock.
cdmtv – very active on twitter and their website about music gear vsti and news.
Mr. Bill – soundcloud podcast is an inspiration for realx and news and just chilling with artist.

Honestly thanks to discord I succesfully build my first AMD Hackintosh so this is where to go to discover something.. but here are some music links, mostly certain server has a section with friends server so make you reasearch and follow what suit you.

Sunshine Underground
BASTL – czech rack modul comunity
Hypnus Network
Data Broth
Mute Production
Collective Intelligence
Alckemys labor
Psytrance community

Also the biggest factor to have some progress is everyday composing, opening that bull* ableton and have just fun there, playing with knobs in synth and trying things… hmm and mybe do some notes ( im writting them but never reading again 😀 )
The organisation / have a plan is critical to succes, be orgaize and than also enjoy free time, rest your brain and ears, this is also helping for new inspiration and attitude for work.

Because this world is already set somehow, 5 working days and 2 est days I told to myself i will have it also like that with 2 rest days it will depends my resting is music so in Sat and Sun im discovering new artist getting some inspiration from reading books and Dj when I have house party.

So I hope you carry something, have a good day and compose