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How we collab

We decided we love underground music. We want to be friends with people which are creating.

So we want promote your “art” on our social media for “free” !

This promotion will bring to us the likes and followers from your friends and we will build huge fan base.
In the next phase we will organize events where you can also play or decorate or eaven sell. Anyway we can collab however we want.

On this website we want firstly promote czech artist and organization. Thats why we created in menu Lists where you will have a posibilities to find everything.
On our social media, actualy doesnt matter where are you from.

Youtube other streaming platforms
We want make playlist on the paltforms where people can listen you, if you dont agree and you found your art / music on our media, contact us and we will delete it from there, no big drama.
Under your art there will be information and links to your website.