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Pondělí 2022

Funny Moon


Funny Moon Gathering
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In the last years Funny Moon became on of the biggest Psytrance alternative festival in Czech.
It is in beautiful area by Chateau Váleč.
There will be also many live bands and chillout music this year, and it will term 7 days O_o. Huge no ?
And what is the advantage, some money from festival going for devolping city and make area nicer every year…

So, actualy my plan for this year is going from UfoBufo directly to Funny Moon 🙂

  • Date
    27 Čvn 2022
  • Time
    9:00 PM
  • Venue
  • Address
    Široká 59, 364 53 Valeč
  • Phone
    +420 608033877
  • Email