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1Hanzzz - meowww
2Street - jeery
3Brouk - Jeery

VA PsyCzech 01

This is the collection from Czech composers, mostly they are my friends.
I think VA album is great to present our work because we havent an album yet.


I know Jeery from Prague when I move there and we met together in bar Ceel, which use to be a psychedelic bar from DJ Cejn.
Thank to Jeery a met Hanzzz as a notorious raver on best underground festival “Letní Zvěř” where you can go if you have some friends invitation only.

Jeery is focuse on mid-tempo dark melodic sounds. In the end his music is same like him. He like virtual instruments and making everything by himself. A hat down please !
His love is Zenonsquee music and actualy he was first person who show to me this kind of genre.

Hanzzz has lot of gear, actualy he is kind of collector, his love is classical progressive and his two cats which they come for foot when you call Papíčko ( “papischko” – mean food in the tiny way of talk 😀 ), anyway in his song you can hear the cats which is absolutly funny amazing… also one of the bus station when he is going home and it called Franty Kocourka ( second name is boy cat ), which was czech comic from Brno.

if you are from czech republic and would like to be also in this album please contact us