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About me & Sunshine Underground

Hi there, my nick name is PspkCz. Real name is Pavel Pospíšil.

I fell in love in psychedelic trance scene somewhere around year 2014, but a cannot say it clearly.
What i can say, it started definitly on Ufo Bufo when, there was huge raining, but the festival was still awaseome and continued as a nothing happening. It was amazing, for a guy which had first experience which this kind of music in real life.
I realize I want to be part of this what ever this mean.
I like this art, people, the feeling which is everywhere, people dancing and celebrating life, freedom of the moment.

We are The Sunshine Underground s. r. o. – company focused on the production and promotion of psychedelic music, art, software, people and comunities.
Everything what is connected with underground & psychedelic music.

based in Prague, Czech Republic

I was always keen in the music. I played 8 years on drums in philharmonia, punk rock, post rock, bands and spend 8 hours a day in rehearsal room insted of going to school, whith the vision I will be able to make entry exam on conservatory, which was my dreamdream, but of course this never happend. Without this Im not where im now, when Im writing this lines.

So, Sunshine Underground was found 2022 after my succesfull bussines with Vegan ice creamery which I build from scratch in Prague and then, i sold my bussines: plans, property and knowledge with recipes, after my break up with my exgirlfriend and realised everything was wrong from beginig and it wasnt my dream anyway.

So, I succesfully get a new oportunity to start a new project and finally I could realise what I really want to do and not do something for someone or whatever… btw, making bussines which you lost in the end is also succes because it gave me lot of troubles and experience which I can still derive from.

Anyway, im working in Ableton Live, let say from 2017 and from this time I started slowly building my home studio and colect many VSTis and dig deeper hole.

My goal is play electronic live performance, compose and master by myself. I want to be really one of the best in it.
Than I want also be good sound designer and recorder of own sound and manipulated these sound.

I like collaboration which entuasic people.

This is why I wanted have this website,

where I can promote people, our work and make amazing events and times for others.
So it really doesnt matter what kind of artis you are.
I want you to be part of this tribe. <3

For Sunshine Underground
PspkCz – Pavel